How to remove a paper jam on LBP 2900
Even if you see the jammed paper in the output tray, do not remove the paper. Be sure to open the top cover and remove the toner cartridge before clearing the paper jam.

1. Open the top cover.
Holding the top cover by the cutout edge, open the cover until it stops
fig 1 . fig 2

2. Raise the toner cartridge as shown in the figure (1), then remove it (2).

fig1 fig2

3. Place the toner cartridge into the protective bag.

4. Remove any jammed paper.

- The leading edge of the paper is seen inside the printer:

1. Pull the paper upward gently as shown the fig1 ,fig2,fig3 fig 4, to remove it.

fig1 fig 2 fig 3 fig 4

5. Take the toner cartridge out of the protective bag.

6. Align the projections on both sides of the toner cartridge with the toner cartridge guide inside the printer, push the toner cartridge completely into the printer .

7. Close the top cover.


a. If you cannot close the top cover, check if the toner cartridge is installed properly. If the top cover is closed forcefully, this may result in damage to the printer.

b. Do not leave the top cover open for a long time after installing the toner cartridge.

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